Margot Townsend Inc. is an international enterprise specializing in a multichannel marketing and sales strategy that is sure to bring success to any establishment. Our collections are available domestically and around the world from Europe to Australia. We are continually expanding to new markets, in order to bring the most competitive advantage possible to our clients.
Our product can be found around the world on television, in museums, online stores, and specialty retail establishments. Our strategic vision, combined with beautifully designed jewelry and accessories, has created the successful global enterprise that is Margot Townsend Inc.
Margot Townsend Inc. began as a prestigious supplier to some of the best retailers in the United States through catalog and direct mail clients. Today, we currently supply countless catalogs, online stores, and retail establishments with collections featuring fashion, seasonal, and museum licensed jewelry.
Experienced with over 100 hours of programming, Margot Townsend Inc. has been featured in television presentations on 8 different home shopping networks around the world. Our company offers collections in seasonal fashion, sterling silver and CZ, museum licensed jewelry, and more. Each hour is custom developed to your buyers purchase plan as unique and exclusive to your company.
Margot Townsend Inc. creates customized programs for rapid online sales for every conceivable market. Our online markets include bridal, fashion, and seasonal pieces. The museum collections are available through home shopping online stores, as well as museum stores around the world.
Our collections have been featured in specialty retailers all over the world. From fashion collections in federated stores to museum collections merchandised in exhibit gift shops, Margot Townsend Inc. can provide diverse, stylish merchandise that will move your customers to become collectors. For each retailer, we develop an exclusive line targeted to their consumer group. Our customized lines are second to none when it comes to craftsmanship, quality, and price point.